There is a reason why finding the perfect job takes a lot of time. You have to be meticulous and follow the most up to date ‘best practices’ to make sure your resume gets tossed into the review pile. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best top 10 things to check off before sending in your resume.

  1. The Daily Writing Tips encourages their readers to know the purpose of their resume. Write with landing an interview in mind, instead of the job. That will help keep your resume quick and to the point. You can impress them later once you are in the interview!
  2. encourages job seekers to lean towards a clean and simple resume, rather than a resume that is pact with design and copy. Imagine looking through a resume yourself. You would most likely skim the resume, the longer it is, the more of a headache you will inevitably get.
  3. Another awesome tip from is to make sure you highlight all the great things you’ve done at your past jobs, rather than just your duty. Remember, you want to bring to life your past experiences with how you felt you did at the task. It’s much less informative to read a list of task lists and that may turn off employers.
  4. Asme suggests that job seekers network whenever possible. “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is not just a saying. People warm up to those they are slightly familiar with vs. those who they don’t know at all. Get out there and shake all the hands you can!
  5. Remember that GPA you worked so hard for? If it’s been three years since you’ve graduated, Manrepeller suggest that you leave it out of your resume. Feel the freedom as you hit delete!

It would be impossible to list out all the tricks and tips of writing an effective resume. We aim to bring you the most helpful ones in hopes that you can start tweaking your resume for success. Read more on this topic through the sources we listed above for even more tips and tricks. Good luck!

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